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New arrivals ! updated 27-03-2018

Mint +++++ PhaseOne IQ150 mid 2016

Nice ++++ ALPA 12 MAX - MK1(overhauled by ALPA 01-2018)

Mint +++++ ALPA 12 MAX - MK2 mid 2016

Mint +++++ ALPA Alpagon HR 4.0/32mm LB mid 2016

Mint +++++ ALPA Alpagon HR 5.6/70mm LB mid 2016

Nice ++++ ALPA Apo-Sironar 4.0/35mm LB

Mint +++++ ALPA Schneider Super Angulon 5.6/38mm (beautiful film lens)

Seitz Roundshot D3 vr camera -- rare offer

Spheron - SpheroCam IM  vr camera -- rare offer

Several ALPA digital back adapters; H1A, HAA, MA645A-00


and many more SALES


STOLEN - 16-12-2017

ALPA 12 SWA,  serial number: 0080784. This unique 12SWA was stolen from one of our customers. This SWA has platinum plated parts.There is only one in the world and was customized by us at request of our customer. See images.

If this camera was offered to you or you saw this camera somewhere, please contact ALPA HQ or us. or ... and do not buy it...even when it's cheap.


Modular tripod head?

Yes, we have!




Use e-shutter lenses on your ALPA. Your #1 tool



Hasselblad H or V lens to your ALPA? Yes it can!


ALPA 12 FPS Hasselblad kit

Where photography meets photogrammetry. Meet...




there are tripods and tripods...but only a very few are the best. FLM (made in Germany and not china, italy or france) is one of the best. Now available for testing...and buying.

ALPA 12 TC with the new

PhaseOne IQ3 100mp back.


We do not sell the Phase One A series...we sell more & we listen to your needs!


Watch this Roundshot VR Drive 2 video by Seitz Phototechnic.

business view | street view Photographers!

Watch  Nigel Harniman and his ALPA MAX...just a car shoot

Architecture & photography by Benny Chan and  his ALPA  XY


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All prices are  in Euro and ex. VAT and subject to change depending of the Swiss Frank (CHF) Errors and omissions excepted.

Alle Preise sind in Euro und unverbindlich. Fehler vorbehalten. Preisangaben sind ohne Mw.St. und bedingt durch den Schweizer Franken (CHF)

De beste digitale panorama camera's. Swiss made!
ALPA middenformaat camera's van superieure kwaliteit. Made in Switzerland            

Ivo Vleugels | ALL4
ALPA & Seitz Roundshot dealer Benelux

A ge Veld 57     |     6281AK Mechelen

Netherlands     |      tel. +31(0)43 3080144


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